Reviewing of Please, Sir by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Typically stories of erotica just turn me off.  They’re usually cheesy and I cannot connect with them at all. After a few pages read, I put the book down and that’s it. With Please, Sir that is not the case.

About a year ago my boyfriend introduced me to Rachel Kramer Bussel via the internet. I found her interesting and amazed at how open she is about sexuality. So when my boyfriend pointed out she was looking for people to review her book  Please, Sir I jumped at the chance.

Please, Sir is amazing and addicting. I have a time putting down the book. But then I have to because I admit, it gets me worked up in a good way. I can definitely connect with many of the stories I have read. I guess one thing that amazes me is that some of the people who submitted their stories to Rachel aren’t exactly completely open with their sexuality. I would expect one who is open like Rachel to just lay it out and not care about being proper. In one story I was reading the word arse was there. Arse? I use arse around my kids, around my traditional family and friends. I would definitely like to see more openness in the stories.

Words like cunt, wet pussy, ass get me riled up reminding me of every time I am with my boyfriend. For me I can connect with stories that are graphic in nature: fingers slide into my wet pussy, smacking my ass cheeks so hard I can feel the blood at the surface wanting to come out, buries his cock inside, thrusting deeply.

There are stories of pain, torment, being tied up, handcuffed besides the erotic nibbling of the ears, kissing the neck, making out in the shower. In some there are high levels of perversion while some are down to earth. Most of them are completely open about their sexuality, not afraid to do things out in the open such as the story of Knot Here!

Rachel’s story at the end definitely reminds me of my own life. I don’t know about others as far as the connectivity with the stories are. This book grabs my attention and keeps it there to a point it torments me when I am alone wanting my boyfriend to be near.

Hands around my neck as I feel the blood reaching the surface of my skin. I feel like I am ready to pass out and then he releases for a moment to kiss me. He knows what buttons to push that turn me on that leave me at the edge of craziness. Being turned on and made to wait.

If you are looking to read a true BDSM book this is definitely one of them. This book is not for the lighthearted.


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